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As heard twice on BBC 6 Music on the BBC Introducing Mixtape with Tom Robinson and on The Tom Robinson Show



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Pete Guy

“…It has a lyric every bit as mysterious as it’s title and it’s one that I personally found deeply affecting.” Tom Robinson – BBC 6 Music / BBC Introducing Mixtape (Sunken Ship – Held Beneath The Waves)

“…this is a departure for you and I really like the big sound – full of good melody, good playing and good production – excellent!” Mike Naylor – BBC Three Counties Radio (Beneath The Branches EP)

“Absolutely gorgeous. You have a real talent and a lovely tone to your voice.” Sally Riceman – BBC Three Counties Radio

“I have to say these tracks are wonderful. ‘Hairs on the back of the neck’ and all that. Top notch!” Paul Mansell – MarlowFM (Sunken Ship – Held Beneath The Waves) / A Little Light)

“…absolutely lovely, very atmospheric, terrific use of a String Quartet.” Roger Williams ng-digital.co.uk A World Of Difference (A Little Light)

“A very confident sounding EP.” Mike Naylor – BBC Three Counties Radio (MoNsTeRs In YoUr HeAd EP)

“This is an EP full of Zeitgeist… It’s certainly an EP that makes you want to hear more.” Tony Birch – FATEA Magazine (MoNsTeRs In YoUr HeAd EP)

*** (3 STAR rating) – R2 Rock’n'Reel Magazine (BREATHE album)

“That will be going round your brain for the rest of the day I can tell you.” Mike Naylor – BBC Three Counties Radio (Weathered The Storm single)

“Pete Guy has the contemporary folk-pop sound down to a tee.” Sean McGhee – R2 Rock’n'Reel Magazine

“Pete offers a lifetime of lyrics full to the brim with redemption, ably showcasing his beguiling voice and raw sincerity.” Fatea Magazine

“Pete performs his own upbeat and catchy material, which has become very popular on many of the local and community stations around the country and has also caught the ear of producers on national radio…” Spiral Earth Magazine

“A little bit of magic for you, it’s Pete Guy…” Baylen Leonard – Amazing Radio (Houdini single)

“I think he’s the most accomplished songwriter here tonight, really love your voice, you’ve got a very interesting tone to your voice, you had a good energy on the stage.” Glen Matlock – Sex Pistols

“Calm, collected, imaginative and cheerful – Guy is on course to becoming a live and recorded favourite, a crowd pleaser, a lovely man, a musical treasure.” Sarah Lowther – Radio Dacorum

“Thoughtful lyrics and lovely melodies.” Yvonne Lyon

“I liked that, the idea of styling yourself after a 1940′s Jewish solicitor is an intriguing approach, but you don’t look like anyone else, you don’t sound like anyone else and the songs are good, I really liked that.” Gareth ‘Gaz Top’ Jones – T.V. Presenter

“But this is something different, something new. As the hairs on the back of my neck stand to attention, I’m transported back to the first time I heard Damien Rice, then further still to my first introduction to Jeff Buckley. There’s a raw sincerity here that not every artist has the talent to convey.”
Joe Ferris – Abolish Records

“You know that feeling where you don’t really fancy an orange, but you eat one anyway and your body kinda goes “Oh yeah! That hit the spot. I ruddy well needed that!” because your body just knows when something is good for it? Well listening to Pete Guy is like pouring a delicious and nutritious fruit smoothie into your ears and your ears going “Oh yeah! That’s the stuff!”
Abolish Clothing – Facebook


Hear the MoNsTeRs In YoUr HeAd EP interview with Mike Naylor at BBC Three Counties Radio that was aired on Saturday 29th October 2016 by following this link: http://clyp.it/irzdrujb/


photo by Paul Curry

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