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I think he’s the most accomplished songwriter here tonight, really love your voice, you’ve got a very interesting tone to your voice, you had a good energy on the stage. Glen Matlock – Sex Pistols

I liked that, the idea of styling yourself after a 1940′s Jewish solicitor is an intriguing approach, but you don’t look like anyone else, you don’t sound like anyone else and the songs are good, I really liked that.
Gareth ‘Gaz Top’ Jones – T.V. Presenter

Really like the ‘sea’ theme that keeps recurring. Thoughtful lyrics and lovely melodies. There’s a wee Waterboys feel to quite a few of the songs which I love.
Yvonne Lyon – singer / songwriter

But this is something different, something new. As the hairs on the back of my neck stand to attention, I’m transported back to the first time I heard Damien Rice, then further still to my first introduction to Jeff Buckley. There’s a raw sincerity here that not every artist has the talent to convey.
Joe Ferris – AbolishRecords.co.uk (read the full review on the ‘Music’ page)

You know that feeling where you don’t really fancy an orange, but you eat one anyway and your body kinda goes “Oh yeah! That hit the spot. I ruddy well needed that!” because your body just knows when something is good for it? Well listening to Pete Guy is like pouring a delicious and nutritious fruit smoothie into your ears and your ears going “Oh yeah! That’s the stuff!”
Abolish Clothing – Facebook

Folkstock Records presents the Christmas album ‘The Christmas Present‘ featuring the song ‘Silent Night’ by Pete Guy

CD The Christmas Present

Folkstock Records - The Christmas Present

First review of the Folkstock Records release ‘The Christmas Present’ by FolkWords http://www.folkwords.com/latestreviews_92708.html”

The digital version of the album ‘The Christmas Present‘ is to be released early on Saturday 22nd November 2014 and will be available to purchase from the Folkstock Records bandcamp site. http://FolkstockRecords.bandcamp.com/

The Christmas Present digital release

review of If It Should Fade taken from the Always Hope EP

“The soft yet powerfully intentional guitar is amazing, full of dynamics and the vocals, wow!! Anyone who says it doesn’t touch them emotionally, clearly isn’t giving it the full attention it truly deserves!! It’s an amazing track that I won’t be getting bored of shortly” (Michael King)

to listen to and purchase along with all Pete Guy recordings go to Bandcamp.com http://peteguy.bandcamp.com/

here’s what people are saying about the And… Breathe / Keep Hold single

“Love both the new ones… sounds fresh… first one has a Lou Reed feel… second one creates a dreamlike feel in my mind… great artwork too” (Neil Blake)

“Nice relaxing music very good stuff!” (Kish Mather)

“And… Breathe – lovely song, the music reminds me a little bit of Camberwick Green, very nostalgic. An anthem for asthmatics everywhere! Keep Hold is also very nicely done” (Rich Squire – The Nimblewits)

to listen to and purchase along with all Pete Guy recordings go to Bandcamp.com http://peteguy.bandcamp.com/

BBC Live Session
Pete Guy performed live on the BBC on BBC 3 Counties Radio on the Nick Coffer show on Friday 1st November 2013

Pete Guy and Krystal Woodbridge with Nick Coffer at BBC 3 Counties radio

Pete Guy and Krystal Woodbridge with Nick Coffer at BBC 3 Counties radio

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  1. Kish says:

    Nice relaxing music very good stuff!


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