December 2017

The second track on the soon to be released Feather House EP Eight Feet is going to have a new title. The song The Duel is now going to be called Centre Stage.

The new Feather House EP has gained another song taking it from four tracks to five!

The track listing will be as follows…

1. Eight Feet
2. The Duel
3. cHiLdHoOd 82 (instrumental)
4. Shivering 101
5. Tired Eyes

Each track is going to have it’s own artwork for the release through Bandcamp and Pete has been asking people to get involved by submitting a photo idea for tracks two to five. The title track artwork is pictured below… Pete is then going through to find which one he feels best represents each song. The EP Eight Feet will be released in the early part of the New Year…

Eight Feet

Eight Feet

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