March 2018

The new Feather House single The Love We Leave Behind… is picking up it’s first Radio play on Brian Player‘s show on Wey Valley Radio 101.1 FM on Tuesday 20th March from 8pm.

A brand new Feather House single will be released on Friday 16th March called The Love We Leave Behind. The Vaughan Jones Manor House String Quartet have written a String Treatment / Arrangement for the track and the single is also going to feature three alternative mixes of the song.

Pete describes the track as… “The song is about the idea that although we physically die, it’s the love we’ve shown in our life that lives on in the lives of those we leave behind.”

The Love We Leave Behind 1

The artwork for the single is a photograph that Pete took of an ‘Old Man’s Beard’ which is left behind in Winter as the flowering blossom dies. The angle of the picture points up and heads skywards, indicating the departure of a scattering Spirit – fleeing the shackles and constraints of this World. It’s a visual depiction of what remains and the impact of The Love We Leave Behind…

Old Man's Beard 1

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