May 2018

New song Jibber – Jabbering… This is a song all about the love of music and how sometimes a song grabs hold of you and won’t let go of your ears… A song that demands constant playing, because to the listener – it really is that good! I love how music, and certain songs in particular, have the ability to transport the listener to a different time or place, of how emotive they can be in bringing back feelings and memories – just by the mere sound of them.

I recorded some mandolin on this track that comes in on each chorus… It helps give the song a vibrant and bright – Summer like feel – and the beat of the song is set to a 3/4 time signature acting as a circling Waltz. It also features some pretty unique percussion – in that I used a glass jar of couscous, my finger tapping on the microphone for the bass drum beat, and the sweeping of my dustpan brush on my kitchen floor tiles!

So sit back, relax, and take a listen… Or better still – get to your feet and try practising your Waltzing skills – enjoy :)


I’ve just finished writing and recording another brand new track – this one is entitled Ever So Lightly and is earmarked for a release this month. The plan is to try to write and release something new each month and so far this year, apart from in February, I’ve been able to do this. January saw the release of the Eight Feet EP, in March there was The Love We Leave Behind single that features the Vaughan Jones Manor House String Quartet, and April saw the release of the Standing Beside / All Things Considered single.


On Tuesday 1st May Brian Player is playing one of the new FEATHER HOUSE tracks from the Standing Still / All Things Considered single on Wey Valley Radio 101.1 FM.

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