Beneath The Branches EP

“…this is a departure for you and I really like the big sound – full of good melody, good playing and good production – excellent!” Mike Naylor BBC Three Counties Radio

“The new release from Pete Guy instantly hits you as not being what you expect from him. There’s a much more live band/indie feel which takes him out of the singer songwriter genre but it is all still underpinned with his beautiful storytelling. It is…dare I say it… quite 90s/early 00s in its production. Reminding me of bands like Saves the Day and Feeder. He even has a bit of a Jarvis Cocker twang to his vocal if you ask me!
It is the kind of music which can emotionally move you at the same time as making you tap your toe.
‘Light As A Feather’ is the standout track for me and is the one I have had on repeat.
It isn’t full of frills… it is quite simply a really beautiful song which, for how I read it, was the advice I needed to hear at the time.
It is calm, it meanders, it is non-assuming, humble and by the time you’ve finished listening you feel like a feather could knock you down. A bit like Pete himself.
Possibly one of the nicest and most humble men on the circuit – it is perhaps easy to forget, because he doesn’t come with all the bells and whistles, that he is one of the best songwriters we have. I hope lots of people hear this EP.

I also love music which has considered artwork – something which is fading away a little in the digital age – so I am pleased each song has it’s own accompanying image.” – Minnie Birch Singer/Songwriter

“Really enjoyed your new sound, yes it has more volume but it remains an intimate, warm sound. Can’t wait for more!” – Veronique Gasseau Dryer

“Really Like the different style that you have come up with to your past song’s! Brilliant…” – Kevin Thompson

“Swim (Deeper Down) is excellent – I love the piano and the perfect live sound! And great rhythm on Light As A Feather!” – Rob Forrester Western Electric Sound System/This Picture

“…lovely lush sound …really well produced …good variation between the tracks too.” – Andrew Dawes

Ever So Lightly

Jibber – Jabbering

Standing Still / All Things Considered single

The Love We Leave Behind… single

“…very atmospheric.” – Mike Naylor BBC Three Counties Radio

“Beautiful, exquisitely poignant…” – Grant Meaby

“Love the vibe.” – Stuart Fuller

“Very classy stuff indeed.” – Roger Williams

“Love it!… Very visual…” – Renier Van Loggerenberg

“…great feel and atmosphere…” – Rob Forrester

“The arrangement is gorgeous and some of the chord changes are just sublime.” – Matt Creer

“Very beautiful! Love it!!” – Sam Kisby

“…the strings sounded luscious, really great production…” – Caleb Pryer

“Lovely vibe.” – Neil Blake

Eight Feet EP

Review from Tony Birch writing for the FATEA Magazine

FATEA Magazine review Eight Feet EP part 1

FATEA Magazine review Eight Feet EP part 2

Stilled single

“Very nice.” – Mike Naylor BBC Three Counties Radio

Feather House EP

Sunken Ship (Held Beneath The Waves) / A Little Light AA single

“…It has a lyric every bit as mysterious as it’s title and it’s one that I personally found deeply affecting.” – Tom Robinson BBC 6 Music / BBC Introducing Mixtape

“I have to say these tracks are wonderful. ‘Hairs on the back of the neck’ and all that. Top notch!” – Paul Mansell MarlowFM

“…absolutely lovely, very atmospheric, terrific use of a String Quartet.” – Roger Williams A World Of Difference

“…awesome! The strings work really well with your songs, really add to the fragility and texture of your voice…” – James Chapman

“Absolutely beautiful, love the strings.” – Grant Meaby

MoNsTeRs In YoUr HeAd EP

“A very confident sounding EP.” – Mike Naylor BBC Three Counties Radio

Follow this link to hear the full MoNsTeRs In YoUr HeAd EP interview with Mike Naylor at BBC Three Counties Radio:

Review of the MoNsTeRs In YoUr HeAd EP by Tony Birch writing for FATEA Magazine:




BREATHE album …also available on CD for £10 – to purchase on CD please email: – giving your name and full postal address


reviews of the Pete Guy album BREATHE:

“…the album is making a big impression – tuneful, commercial, with good variation between the songs. There’s an echo of Cat Stevens about Pete’s vocal tone and the well-written songs are full of singable choruses…there’s no doubt that Pete Guy has great potential.” – *** (3 STAR rating) R2 Rock’n'Reel Magazine

“…absolutely superb, beautiful” – Grant Meaby

BREATHE single

reviews of the Pete Guy single BREATHE:

“Isn’t that great!” – Mike Naylor BBC Three Counties Radio

“…upbeat and catchy…” – Spiral Earth Magazine


iTunes link for Houdini EP:

reviews of the Pete Guy single and EP Houdini:

“A little bit of magic for you, it’s Pete Guy…” – Baylen Leonard Amazing Radio

“There’s no escaping the fact that Pete Guy’s ‘Houdini’ EP is world class.” – Sarah Lowther Radio Dacorum

review of the Pete Guy song If It Should Fade – track 2 on the Houdini EP:

“The soft yet powerfully intentional guitar is amazing, full of dynamics and the vocals, wow!! Anyone who says it doesn’t touch them emotionally, clearly isn’t giving it the full attention it truly deserves!! It’s an amazing track that I won’t be getting bored of shortly.” – Michael King


reviews of the Pete Guy song Weathered the Storm – single and track 3 on the Houdini EP:

“That will be going round your brain for the rest of the day I can tell you.” – Mike Naylor BBC Three Counties Radio

“Pete Guy has the contemporary folk-pop sound down to a tee.” – Sean McGhee R2 Rock’n'Reel Magazine

“Weathered the Storm by Pete Guy is like opening a window in a stuffy room – a feel good breath of fresh air!” – Neil Blake

THE CHRISTMAS PRESENT compilation album

The Sunday Times review of the Folkstock Records album – The Christmas Present – featuring the Pete Guy version of ‘Silent Night’:

“There isn’t a weak link to be found.”

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